Sponsorship Program

Through the generosity of hundreds of people from around the world Educational Sponsorship provides empowerment to many children from Mukuru Slum.

The Sponsorship program enables hundreds of children each year to pursue an education in primary, secondary or tertiary level.  With the help and support of local and overseas donors, funds are channeled towards building a brighter future for the less fortunate.

The program is handled by the Donor Relations Officer in conjunction with the Social Workers in each of the four Primary Schools.  The school year begins in January for all students except for Form 1’s joining secondary who begin in the second week of January.  The Kenyan Education Ministry has a three-term school year: Term 1 January – April; Term 2 May – August; Term 3 September – November.  Vocational education centre follow the same terms as the schools.  Most universities have two semesters per year such as: semester 1 September – December; semester 2 February – May.

Mukuru Promotion Centre endeavours to sponsor as many very needy students as possible.  The criteria is as follows:

  • Must be a resident of the Mukuru slums
  • The student must reach at least 250 marks out of 500 KCPE to qualify to secondary and below this figure are offered skills training.
  • According to the Social Worker assessment visit, If the family / guardian is unable to pay the required fees, they are then required to contribute in whatever way possible such as uniforms etc.
  • A copy of the Leaving Certificate from the Primary School and Secondary School.

Cost of Sponsoring:

 We prefer that people considering sponsoring a student enter a commitment:

8 years for primary candidates; 4 years for secondary candidates; 1 years for vocational candidates

If at any time the Sponsor feels they are unable to continue the Centre will understand.  In order to support as many students as possible we place most of our students in day schools.  Our students live in the slums and some are orphaned and at times the family circumstances necessitate boarding as the best way to help them achieve a better future.  There is a small processing cost that is inclusive of the fees.

MPC Rehabilitation Centre for Street Boys

During their year at Rehab Centre the staff makes every effort to enable the boys renew and maintain contact with their families / guardians / relatives, so that at the end of the year they are ready to return to them and attend a primary school near their home.  In cases of very great need or if the boy is an orphan, MPC sponsors them to boarding school.

Vocational Training Centre

Not all students are able to perform academically but still require some form of training to ensure an income for sustainability.  MPC advocates vocational training for students who have received a ‘D’ average in their KCSE certificate.  Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Centre offers: Catering, Dressmaking, Hairdressing & Beauty, Computers, Plumbing & Masonry, Dee -Jaying, Front Office Management and Art and Craft courses.