Nutrition and VCT

An additional service of the MPC Clinic provides nutritional supplements for malnourished babies, children, adults and the elderly as well as voluntary counselling testing for HIV/AIDS.

Nutrition Centre

A good diet is essential for a healthy life.  For those who live in the slums this is often not possible.  For many mothers it is critical that they be healthy so that, by earning a living, they can ensure their children are nourished.   The nutrition program involves the supplying of supplementary foods to different types of clients including malnourished babies, patients with chronic illnesses with a BMI of less than 17, breastfeeding mothers and HIV Exposed Infants (HEI’s).   Some of the supplementary foods are: Ready to use therapeutic feed (RUTF), Ready to use supplementary feed (RUSF), Con Soy blended flour (CSB), Fortified blended flour (FBF), Formula milk and Amaranth Flour.   The different supplementary flours help to maintain a healthy system.   The program serves an average of 70 clients per month.


The VCT program involves HIV counselling and testing of over 300 clients per month.  Testing kits are supplied by the Government.   All the positive cases are referred to the Comprehensive Care Clinic Unit at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital.   The Centre is sponsored and staffed by medical professionals from the St Elizabeth University, Slovakia.