Safeguarding and Child Protection

Child Protection and Safeguarding is an essential element of MPC’s care for all peoples.  The creation of the office ensures advocacy for children and adults.  Various measures have been put in place for the very vulnerable facing different forms of abuse, including those in conflict with the law.

Child Protection is defined as the prevention and response to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children.  MPC partners with Government agencies and like-minded organizations to create a protection system to guarantee the  safety and well-being of the most vulnerable.

The office works closely with the social workers and volunteer counselors to offer a conducive environment for victims to feel safe.

Some of the activities include:

  • Case reporting and recording
  • Client assessment and profiling
  • Case referral and follow ups
  • Case management and monitoring
  • Advocacy for rights protection, policy change and awareness
  • Training and capacity building of partners, beneficiaries, caregivers and staff
  • Strengthening and establishing local community based structures for prevention and protection.

MPC Charter on Child Protection and Safeguarding