Home Based Healthcare

Home-Based Health Care (HBHC) is an outreach program provided by skilled practitioners who under the direction of the MPC Clinic, attend patients in their homes.

The Home-Based Health Care, through its healthcare workers, reaches out daily to the Mukuru community.   Assisted by Community Health Volunteer Workers (CHW), the nurse attends 5 outstations in the villages.  The CHWs who reside in the villages notifies the nurse about the bed-ridden patients so that they can be attended to at home.  Depending on the medical circumstances, the patients are treated or given referrals to other health institutions.  On average the HBHC program visits over 1,300 home bound patients a year.  Among the people they visit are those living with AIDS/HIV, chronic wounds, cancer, tuberculosis and malaria.  When required patients receive applicable medications from the MPC Clinic.   The program is also assisted by social workers who follow up on welfare issues.

Aerial view of Mukuru Slum with it’s many villages