Rehabilitation Centre

Mary Immaculate Rehabilitation Centre

The Mary Immaculate Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1995 for the many street children who were wandering and living on the streets of the adjacent Industrial Area. Now, with the opening of the new dormitory, we cater for up to 65 boys who participate in a one year long program. We conduct non-formal primary teaching for those for whom it is appropriate, and carpentry and art for the older boys. After lunch they engage in extra curricular activities; art, music, football, gardening, scouting and some craft work. Tackling the habit of substance abuse is a challenge for most of the boys in the program. Group and individual counselling is an integral part of the programme and is carried out on a very regular basis.

The goal of the program is to re-integrate the boys to family (if possible) or to a meaningful life off the streets, in boarding school or in employment. 

During their 12 months in the Rehabilitation Centre, the social workers contact the relatives of the children and prepare them for their children’s return. Some extend a warm welcome to the children while others are not so receptive. These are the ones that continue to offer challenges to the staff because the integration to a regular life-style becomes more difficult without family support.


Some of the boys had family members attending their prize-giving day at the end of the year.

The boys enjoyed their graduation day and receiving prizes


MIRC Scouts singing the National Anthem at the opening of the dormitory. For more information on this event click here.