About Us

Mission and Vision


Vision statement

In partnership with the Mukuru community, Mukuru Promotion Centre envisions: 

"The Mukuru Community attaining sustainable and holistic human development and self-reliance." 

Mission statement

In the spirit  and charism of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy and in partnership with stakeholders, Mukuru Promotion Centre will:

"Provide early childhood development and education, secondary education, vocational skills, social rehabilitation and health services to the Mukuru community"




Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is incorporated as a Charitable Trust. The Trustees are the members of the Kenyan Province Leadership Team of the Sisters of Mercy. MPC is involved in the following projects/activities:

  • four primary schools for over 5,000 children
  • a secondary school
  • a rehabilitation centre for up to 60 street boys
  • a medical clinic with a HIV/AIDS testing centre attached
  • a community based health care program
  • a skills training centre for over 100 students, and
  • a sponsorship programme to secondary schools for more than 200 children.